What happened to the scripts? I’m using the new Safari 6.0 which has a slightly different layout than the previous version. The debugging tools are different, and this is aggravating since it’s already hard enough to debug JavaScript.

Well, today there were only two script files available (out of the normal hundred we use for the project). Cordova.js and Require.js. And the debugger kept stopping on some breakpoint inside Require.js which now looks like one long “minified” file.

Then, I remembered an email which went by last night indicating that there was now an index.debug.html file which we were to use for debugging. So, what’s happening now as part of the build process is the main index.html (and its components) are being minified and shoved into require.js, which is require’s job. The breakpoints which had been in the component files were now inside require, I guess.

All I needed to do was to drop index.debug.htm into the browser. And things are now the way I’ve been expecting them.


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